The Copperlight Art Studio

At Copperlight Art, I specialize in childhood and baby portrait photography, and I strive to create a welcoming atmosphere for both parents and children. I want your entire experience with me, from start to finish, to be stress-free and enjoyable! I have extensive experience working with newborns, and understand the safety concerns when working to create their first portraits. Babies and children often have their own ideas about schedules and priorities, and I remain flexible at all times to allow them the chance to get comfortable, get to know me, and show me who they are.

I use continuous lighting in my camera room, instead of strobes and flash, because I feel it is much less disruptive to a child and allows me to really capture both posed and un-posed moments without calling more attention to the camera than is necessary. The images created during “in-between” moments can sometimes be the most beautiful of a session, as the emotional connections are allowed to really flourish. (Find out more about my portrait plan for baby’s first year here.)

Most of my portrait sessions take place in the studio, but I have several favorite outdoor locations around the Triangle as well. Please give me a call or email to discuss creating a custom portrait session that fits your family’s needs.